Leesa works within your budget, fills you with confidence, coaxes you out of your comfort zone and smiles the whole way. This is money well invested.

I trust her because as well as a faultless eye for proportions, shapes and colours (a rare talent among professional stylists, just look at Mariah Carey), she’s got an encyclopaedic knowledge of the trends and where to get them.

Using a formula from Leesa Whisker, I worked out that 30 per cent of my life is spent at fashion shows and glamorous parties, 50 per cent at home writing while huddled over a laptop for hours and 20 per cent at my children’s plays, concerts and sports days. While this brought home to me that my life is profoundly schizophrenic clothes-wise, the exercise was invaluable because it made me realise that, like so many women, I’d been buying for a mythical life I didn’t lead. As a result I had some amazing clothes to wear to the fashion shows, but nothing much to slip into at home and zero items that didn’t embarrass my children in some way. It took surprisingly little to rectify this.

She’s brilliant at getting to the nub of how you want to look, while letting you know as tactfully as humanly possible what will and won’t work. Leesa’s take on proportions, textures and cuts was something almost everyone could benefit from. She’ll make you look as modern as you want, within the parameters of what flatters. Frankly that’s more than you can say for most fashion editors.

Her style credentials were confirmed when I realised that with just five items she’d totally transformed my wardrobe. If you’re ready to defeat your fashion demons and have cash to splash on this kind of advice, Leesa will not disappoint.