Sharing Your True Self – Okay, I’ll Go First ;)

So, I’ve been tiptoeing around my blog and social media accounts for, well, too long and today I’ve had something of an epiphany. My whole service, my whole reason for doing the work I do as an image consultant and personal stylist is to help women find their true style and, in doing so, unlock their true potential, but here’s the thing…how can I expect my clients to expose their true selves to me if I won’t first share my true self?

Now, I’ve been doing this work for 13 years and back in the day I used to travel to every client’s home, all over the country and spend a day, doing their consultation, assessing their body shape and colouring, getting to the nub of their personal style, then ruthlessly weeding every unflattering or un-‘them’ item from their wardrobe before working out the gaps and creating a comprehensive Wardrobe Plan of exactly what was needed to give them their perfect wardrobe and style. I am nothing if not thorough.

One day I showed up at a new client’s home and we started talking and I realised she was shaking and I asked if she was ok and she said she was just so nervous about our day. I was totally shocked! I mean, I genuinely could not understand why anyone would feel nervous about me coming over and helping sort out their wardrobe. I mean it’s just ‘me’ and we’re about to have such a fun day! Then it occurred to me, this woman has no idea who I am. I mean, she know’s who I am professionally, maybe she’s read about me, but that is one tiny part of me, the glossy professional ‘style expert’ me and so to her mind, she was about to open her wardrobe, (which she is utterly ashamed of) to someone who is a total style expert. I mean, my God! That is terrifying! This woman deserved a medal!

So anyway, we had a super fun day and the following week we bought and styled up all her new outfits and I am delighted to say, that she looked every bit amazing on the outside as she is on the inside, and still does ten years later! But the point is, I realised that day, what a leap of faith each new client makes when they book in with me and how vulnerable it feels to expose a part of yourself that you’re not confident in.

So I’m gonna go first! I’m going to use this blog to share who I really am with you, so you know I’m not some distant ‘expert’ but a very real, finding-my-own-way, super compassionate person who will certainly never judge you for not just ‘knowing’ how to look your best, because there is loads of stuff I am quite frankly rubbish at and I am going to share these journeys of my own self improvement on here for your entertainment (because I have a creeping sense that this may be fairly humiliating, but also hopefully an interesting and useful process) and because when I learn anything useful or meet an amazing teacher or discover a great service or product or whatever, I want to SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! Because I am a ridiculous Personal Development enthusiast and because I’m old enough not to worry so much what people think anymore (and nor should you) and because it’s FUN!

Yay! Let the fun begin!

Leesa x

No need to hide. I ain't gonna judge you :)

No need to hide. I ain’t gonna judge you 🙂

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