Both A-M and I wanted to get in touch to say how amazing everything you have selected for her is and how amazing she looks. Your service is fantastic and all your choices are just fab. A-M keeps opening the wardrobe and just smiling! She is just so thrilled. If you enjoy what you do half as much as your clients do you must be in a good place. I can’t thank you enough.

Ali (husband of client)

Sometimes you treat yourself to something that turns out to be worth far more than you paid. This is it. An image and wardrobe session with Leesa changed far more than just my clothes. Now I know what clothes to look for in the shops - and more about the person I'm buying them for!

Caroline D

Thank you so much for all your hard work, it was great to hang everything in my wardrobe - all the colours work so well. I feel like I have tons more to wear.

Gail T

It really was a treat to work with you Leesa - you are wonderful and talented at what you do! And I am really happy with what we achieved. While I got beautiful new clothes and outfits, I also learned a lot. You commented that it was a big adjustment for me and a lot of changes, which is true, but already I can see where my look needs to be updated and kept current. You have given me great direction. Thank you for all your help and efforts.

Sue B

Thank you so much for another successful shopping session. I cannot overstate the joy and pleasure I'm getting from my new wardrobe. I'm en route to a meeting in my gorgeous DVF dress and feeling on top of the world. It has done wonders for my mood and outlook. Your eye for just the right piece is so good. I know what it’s like searching for clothes, so I really appreciate all the ground work you did.

Tess G

Leesa’s advice was great. I now know how to make far more creative use of my current wardrobe and have loads of ideas for new additions. With honest (but extremely tactful) advice on what suits me I’m hoping to avoid any more expensive shopping mistakes in the future.

Lucy F

I got so much out of the image consultation. It’s been much easier deciding what to buy, knowing what does and doesn’t work for me. I will definitely be in touch for next season’s wardrobe planning. You gave me great inspiration, respected my personal likes and dislikes and were not at all intrusive.

Viv L

I love everything so much. Your choices were great. I’ve used all the advice you gave me including the colours and hair and people have really noticed. It’s been life altering. It’s so much easier getting dressed and packing for the short business trips and the weekend clothing has been great. Everything that you pick for me always, always gets compliments. I think of how your influence on me has had this domino effect and I am so thrilled and grateful.

Laurie F

When I first met Leesa eight years ago after having my second child, she transformed my wardrobe and look with clothes that were flattering to my body shape but also looked amazing as they complemented my personality. Her online personal shopping service gives me an even wider choice of brands and websites, making the budget go that bit further and gives me that extra bit of time at home to decide what to keep. I highly recommend Leesa’s services as a Stylist and Personal Shopper, for me it was a life changing experience!

Malou D

A personal shopper I thought was an extravagant luxury that was the sole preserve of people with affluent bank accounts. That was certainly the case until I came across Whisker. In Leesa I've found the essential wardrobe must-have and critical "second opinion" shopper who has saved me valuable time, money and my sanity in getting me dressed to my best. I now have a wardrobe I'm proud of, that's within my budget and which has prompted a stream of genuine compliments. Thank you very much. I'll be back.

Sarah W

There’s been no stopping me since you got me looking at the right clothes. After our shopping session and seeing myself looking so much better, my mind was buzzing with new possibilities and I was literally too excited to sleep. It's been a long time since I felt that way about anything. I look younger and can't go back to the places I used to shop; everything looks too frumpy now. I’ll definitely be in touch again. I can always use some more fashion genius.

Jane F

Hi Leesa, I just wanted to say how easy it was to pack and go on holiday. I had the smallest bag of all of us but managed to feel perfectly dressed for every occasion, so thank you very much.

Fiona P

I’m so excited by what we’ve achieved. Thanks for breathing fresh air into my ‘stuck in a rut’ wardrobe!

Emma G