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Navigate Change Guided by Your Future Self

Do you feel like you’re ready to start a new chapter?

Do you ever wonder how some people seem to glide through change, making quantum leaps in their life and business while some of us stay stuck?

The answer is often energy and specifically aligning with your True Self, the core energy of who you really are.

Much of the external detail of our lives, the situations, environment, our age or changing body are just surface details, but it’s easy to get VERY attached to those surface layers, even to think that’s who we ARE….and that thinking is a great way to stay stuck in an old groove too long.

Your True Self is always calling to you, in thoughts, dreams, images, feelings and moments of inspiration, but making the shift from snatching glimpses of your True Self and true potential, to actually BEING her now requires EMBODIMENT.

This was the situation I found myself in in 2022, a year that started with zero energy and a lot of big personal changes that felt overwhelming at times. I was in the “liminal” stage in the process of change. I recognised this because I’ve guided hundreds of women through this stage in life – between who you’ve been and who you’re becoming – so I decided it was time to take my own True Style Journey. Part of that journey involves connecting to your Future Self as a guide and way finder then embodying more of her now through True Style.

Woman dressing as her future self
Photographer: By Adele Photography
Hair & Make Up: Susie Kennett

I love this photo, because it celebrates the quantum leap that Journey catalysed in terms of my sense of self and my life and business! I look so different and I FEEL so happy and on purpose in this picture! I would never have worn this outfit a year ago! I would have thought it too much! In just about every way!

What I especially love is that this outfit is so similar to one my Future Self was wearing when we started connecting in the True Style Journey. Connecting to your Future Self is something we do inside the True Style Journey. It’s a great way to tap your inner wisdom during times of change and see beyond the immediate challenges to the potential outcome you can co-create.

When I spotted these clothes in real life – clothes I would NEVER have chosen myself – I recognised them! I recognised my future self starting to show up not just in my visualisations, but in real life! I read the signs and took the next step. I bought and started wearing the clothes and styling things in new ways inspired by that future version of me.

Even though it felt weird at first, even though ´old me´ was circling, “you cant wear THAT! What will people think? Who do you think you are?” Future me was also close by and smiling. I knew this was the gap between my old self and future self closing.

Putting this outfit on for the first time made me feel so ‘right’ in my body – grounded and very ‘alive’. It was like a lightning bolt piercing through the accumulated layers of “identity” to illuminate my True Self. It made me feel like anything’s possible.

And it catalysed a quantum leap in my life and business!

Woman dressing as her future self
Photographer: By Adele Photography
Here’s what happened…
  • I stopped second guessing myself. because I could SEE the woman I always wanted to be, right there in the mirror, looking confident, creative and expressed WITH all her quirks, humour, warmth and sensitivity.
  • I started really trusting my inner guidance and believing in myself and what I am here to do. Because I could plainly SEE future me showing up now. It didn’t seem such a distant dream.
  • I was able to really RELAX into this process of change because I felt deeply connected to a part of me who’s already been where I am now, and come out the other side. I can’t tell you how comforting that is. It helps me to trust the process of change and co-create rather than react to it.
  • I felt less alone, more like one member of an awesome cosmic team. Being guided by my future self is like having the best big sister, someone who knows me inside out, cheering me on when the going gets tough. Losing perspective is part of the process of personal change, so being able to step outside the choppy waters of change and tap into the wider perspective of my Future Self is GOLD!
  • I started attracting more clients and relationships in alignment with my True Self because they could SEE the real me and were responding to that reality.
  • As I began sharing these photos of me embodying my True Style, engagement on my social media grew. Magical conversations started opening up in DMs and in real life. I was invited onto podcasts that I’d previously only ever been a fan of. I was asked to do Instagram Lives with conscious leaders whose books I’ve read.

Embodying my Future Self now through True Style catapulted me into living and communicating and showing up in a much more authentic and aligned way, resulting in experiences that had previously only been glimpsed future flashes.

This feels SO good. It’s like going from pushing something uphill to opening your arms to receive instead.

HOW on earth can style have such an impact?

This is a big topic and I’ve written a whole other blog post sharing research on why style has such a big impact on our sense of self and how others perceive us. In a nutshell, it’s because we are visually dominant as a species. Seeing is believing.

So the fastest and most effective way you can change your self perception AND change other people’s perceptions of you, is to change how you look.

The opportunity here is not just to look more stylish or modern, but to look like the most fully expressed version of your True Self. By starting to dress like her and feel like her and showing up as her NOW, you spark a chain reaction.

This embodiment rapidly shifts your sense of self and other people’s perceptions of you. It impacts how you feel and the energy you exude, raising your energetic frequency into alignment with your higher potential. This in turn attracts people and experiences in alignment with that higher frequency. Because you look the part, the limbic brain gatekeeper opens to those connections. So you can fulfil your true potential sooner rather than later.

This True Style embodiment is what we do inside the True Style Journey. Enrolment for 2023 is now open. We begin 1st February. Email me “Future Self” for more more details. Or book a FREE True Style Journey discovery call here.

Let’s close that gap between past and future self NOW.

Leesa x

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