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6 Best Sustainable Slippers

My inner grandma gets very excited when (sustainable) slippers season comes around. Comfort is high on my list of style priorities, but especially when I’m working from home I want that feel good factor that comfort and style combined give me. Working online, I basically live in my slippers, so I wanna really love them!READ MORE

Café des Arts Annecy - Annecy Guide by Leesa Whisker 0

My Golden Hour Guide to Annecy

Hello Annecy!

How’s everyone’s summer going? Hot enough? We’re on week 4 of our annual expat friends & family summer pilgrimage. Wonderful & exhausting. Any other expats here? I am loving the freedom to travel and reconnect with loved ones, but the daily socialising/parenting/work juggle definitely takes its toll on my introvert nature. Something I’m getting better at is taking a bit of time out for myself each week, even if it’s just an hour to do something by myself.


Statement Skirt Shopping

Celebrating one of those perfect impromptu shopping sessions which resulted in 4 fabulous skirts for under £100!

I was in Covent Garden with my 11-year old for our monthly #MotherDaughterDate, and got ridiculously excited when we spotted this huge vintage store with everything sold by weight.

It reminded me of epic thrift shopping sessions in San Francisco in my 20s. This is the first time I’ve seen vintage clothing sold by weight in the UK. I had 10 minutes to browse (on daughter time!) and picked out these fab statement skirts.


Tips for Speed Shopping

The joy of shopping with kids 😉

Ah I remember the days when I could shop at leisure, alone. I used to do this thing called ‘browsing’. It was lovely.

Now shopping for myself has more of a ‘smash n’ grab’ opportunistic vibe that I’m sure any parent can relate to. Okay, I’ve got 45 minutes before the next ‘thing’. Quick!  Lets dive into that shop!


Wool-Free Knitwear Finds

Wool-Free Knitwear Finds

Are you allergic to wool? Searching for cool knitwear that won’t make your skin itch? My personal shopping client yesterday can’t wear wool,READ MORE

Amateurism Radio

I flippin’ LOVE Amateurism radio! This ‘pop up’ online radio platform was a Spring 2020 lockdown discovery. It’s the regular soundtrack to our family dinners here in MallorcaREAD MORE