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Celebrating the new me – True Style alignment

It feels so flippin’ brilliant to feel back in alignment with my true self style-wise. I lost my mojo for a few years. Did a major energetic crash & burn after the closure of my fashion label. The past few years I’d describe my style as the equivalent of a WORK IN PROGRESS sign. There was so much going on internally I didn’t want to draw too much attention. I wore a lot of black. I also stopped buying anything new, partly because I’d become conscious of the environmental flipside of fashion, partly because I’d stopped valuing myself.


With clients I work from the outside in. We start with style, but always to manifest and celebrate inner transformation. The two go hand in hand. This time I worked from the inside out. Making big energetic changes first, getting back to my core values of love, creativity and connection, and letting it ripple out to other areas of my life and work.


Bringing my personal style into alignment with this new me, feels like the celebration to mark a rite of passage. Over the last couple of months I’ve said ‘yes’ to myself and my style in a whole new way. I’ve gifted myself time to browse boutiques, gone online and actively searched for the looks dancing around in my head. When something resonates now, I buy it. I’ve tried new styles and invested in things I’ve been needing, but denying myself for years. And the night before the shoot where this photo was taken last Friday, I got everything out and played about the way I used to as a kid with my dressing up box. It was SO much fun!


If you feel that you’ve changed, but your wardrobe hasn’t caught up, let’s chat. We all need a helping hand sometimes, especially when our sense of self is shifting. A better aligned personal style can catalyse a whole new chapter in life. That’s definitely something worth celebrating.


Wishing you well whatever your journey. May the road rise to meet you.


Leesa x

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