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New Kicks!

Having a 90s rave revival 🤣 as I merrily weaving my way through my own back catalogue of style. This is definitely the funnest part of perimenopause for 2 stand out reasons!

① Less shits given. I’ll wear what I like and have fun doing it.

② Celebrating all that I have been. Integrating different aspects of my SELF and my past, as I prepare for a new chapter of life. Channeling Caitlin Moran’s #happyhag

I’ve been wearing black & white Vejas for a while and vaguely thinking about a more sporty colour pop trainer, when I spotted these little lovelies in the window of Offspring in Brighton. My favourite EVER trainer store with the nicest sales staff. I was running to meet friends for lunch, but made a mental note to loop back and try them on later.

OMG! Kid in a candy store. Decisions. Decisions.

And they all vibed with my vintage maxi skirt.

I did of course have a timely burst of #brainfog when it came to deciding which colour poppin’ kicks to bring home with me.

Which would you choose?


Big Love,

Leesa ✨

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  • Abigail

    September 8, 2021at3:53 pm Reply

    I’m also a happyhag though I prefer a Nike Internationalist myself!

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