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Real Style is Being Yourself On Purpose

True, but not as easy as it sounds. First we need to get a handle on who our current ‘self’ is. It’s not a fixed thing. At certain times in a woman’s life (hello #motherhood #menopause) that ‘self’ is changing so fast it’s like trying to dress a moving target!

Add to this the fact that as women, everyone and their flippin’ dog has an opinion on how we should look. it’s no wonder ‘being yourself’ can feel like a tall style order. Getting in touch with your true self and true style is a many layered journey of discovery. We spend 4 weeks in the True Style Journey peeling back these layers of conditioning, looking at the body we’re in with fresh (and loving) eyes, learning about colour and fabric and cut, like an artist might learn the ‘rules’ of their materials, before getting playful with or even breaking them. Four weeks is just a start, but the tools are for life. The experience of being really ‘seen’, witnessed in our transformation by other women is, I feel, important and powerful for all involved. After taking part in the last True Style Journey @alimapletoft said “it makes you feel like anything is possible” and I really think it IS. If you’re interested in joining the next True Style Journey PM me for details. I’d love to hear from you x

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