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smiling woman full moon journaling

Refresh your wardrobe and let go with the full moon

Time to cleanse and refresh your wardrobe to release and let go with the full moon.

Are you due for a wardrobe refresh? Are you ready to leap into spring with a fresh, current closet that really represents and empowers you? Do you feel confident that your clothes visually represent you, as the woman you are right now? This woman that you are; this perfect, wonderful woman that you have spent your whole life growing into, deserves a wardrobe that empowers her and fills her with confidence!

We are just about to enter the next full moon phase, and, for those who don’t know, the full moon is the most powerful in the lunar cycle when it comes to energy for cleansing and letting go. I feel like, as women, we are even more strongly connected to the cycles of the moon with our own cycles, and we can really harness this energy for the growth and transformational cycles we experience in our own lives. Right now is the most perfect time for you to have a wardrobe refresh and create the space for the new you to emerge at the perfect time, ready for spring.

With the upcoming full moon, we are building towards a time of natural release linked to the lunar cycle and we can harness this power, this energy from the moon and the universe, to help us with our own transformations, and allowing this to be a time of fun and joy – a celebration of who we are, and who we are becoming at this point in our lives.

Full moon is the perfect time for a wardrobe refresh!

© Alyssa Strohmann

It’s all about ENERGY

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way.” – Albert Einstein

First and foremost, think about a wardrobe refresh and letting go with the full moon in terms of energy. Energy is EVERYTHING. If you think about life and energy, it goes in a cycle. Energy comes in, it invigorates and nourishes, and then gets expelled and shared to return again. Energy must be kept in motion, energy IS motion. So when it comes to your clothes, your jewellery, everything you put onto your being, either it nourishes and invigorates you, creating movement and energy. Or, it does the opposite. Holding you down, still, stagnant. Blocking and sucking your energy.

Secondly, a wardrobe refresh is so much more than just a superficial fashion makeover. What you are doing is going through a whole process of conscious transformation. Of creating a visual image of yourself both for you AND the rest of the world to make you look and feel amazing. You can go through growth and transformation internally, but that’s not the whole picture. Clothes are an incredibly powerful way for you to embody inner transformation so it manifests in your external reality. Style is visual communication. You get to recreate yourself consciously, and with confidence in a way that you and everyone can see and respond to. You can’t deny change when you can SEE it with your own eyes.

full moon releasing

© Ganapathy Kumar

Letting go…

“Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on.” – Eckhart Tolle.

I’m 100% certain that some of you are thinking about pieces you have in your wardrobe and already finding reasons why you can’t let them go. Some of the biggest myths when it comes to a wardrobe refresh are: “I can’t afford to let it go, I have nothing to replace it with” “it might be useful one day” “I’m going to hang onto it ‘just in case’!”. Is this you? Can you relate? All of these reasons indicate a scarcity mindset, that you are tuned into the frequency of fear, fear of change, of the unknown, of all manner of different feelings. But just like overcoming any other fear or challenge in your life, that sweet, beautiful feeling of freedom and release when we finally let go of our fears is just so incredible, and so worth it!

On the other hand, if we allow ourselves to get scared and we continue to hang onto these old, energy-draining pieces of clothing or jewellery, we never give ourselves the space or the opportunity to grow. By keeping still and stagnant, we continue to hold onto a version of ourselves that doesn’t truly represent us anymore. It may feel like a challenge, but by consciously going through the wardrobe refresh as a joyful process, and mindfully clearing space for fresh energy, this will become a time of celebration, of cleansing release.

I completely understand the challenge of a wardrobe refresh as I come from a whole family of hoarders, and I grew up with exactly the same mindset. It was only once I started doing personal development work myself that I started to understand the reasons behind my hoarding habits. I realised that it was all to do with a scarcity mindset. I had a real fear of letting go, and a mindset of just taking and accepting what I was given. I wasn’t valuing myself.

Through this work that I did on myself, I realised that not only was this fear and scarcity mindset manifesting itself through my possessions and material things, but it was also affecting my friends, my jobs, and my relationships. The energy that I was putting out – of just accepting whatever I got and being afraid of not getting anything better – meant that I continued to attract this into my life. The real turning point for me, when I recognised that I had truly let go of these fears and negative energy, was when I moved to Bali. I moved to Bali with my husband and 2 daughters with a total of three suitcases between us, and two years later when we left Bali, we left with exactly the same three suitcases without accumulating anything extra.

wardrobe detox clear out

© Will Q

Burn the bras!

I had an experience recently where I decided to go through my clothes and have a little wardrobe refresh, and during the process I came across a bunch of old bras, all completely unworn. Beautiful bras with lace and underwire, perfectly structured, perfectly fitted…and 100% not the type of bra that I would ever wear. I distinctly remember when I bought them; I was till in the early years of parenting. I really wanted a way to make myself feel good and confident so I went for a professional bra-fitting. I tried on the bras, and oh did they look incredible! I had beautiful perky breasts, curves in all the right places…they truly made such a difference. But, they were so tight, fitted, structured – I felt like I couldn’t breathe! The lady told me that I just had to get used to them, they would loosen up and wouldn’t feel so suffocating. I wasn’t convinced, but, being the good girl that I was raised to be, I smiled and nodded, bought the bras, and promptly put them in the drawer never to be worn again.

As I sat there on the floor in my bedroom I picked each bra up and let those memories and feelings all wash over me. Especially the feelings of growth and change. The ‘good girl’ did what she was told, who bought those bras all those years ago, and the celebration of recognising that I’m not that girl anymore. The joy in recognising my own transformation from girl to woman, and letting go of holding onto that part of my life. We go through so many changes and transformations in our life, but often there isn’t a finite moment where we sit back and recognise or celebrate these. A wardrobe refresh is a really lovely way of marking and commemorating the transformations that you go through, of creating an actual finish line to a process. You can LITERALLY go out and burn your bras if that’s what you feel like!

clear out bras

© Pablo Heimplatz


Creating space – with intention

“Our intention creates our reality” – Wayne Dyer

When we talk about energy, don’t underestimate the power of the energy you put out, and how that then comes back to you in a natural ebb and flow.

The beautiful thing is, the universe will not only return your energy, but it WANTS to fill any void. So make sure that in creating your space, you do so with intention. We want to mindfully and consciously fill the void we create with pieces that resonate and give us more energy, and reflect the women that we are.

If you just start small – an underwear drawer or a jewellery box – consciously clearing the space there for you to recreate yourself, the universe sees this. It will see that you’re creating space, that there’s a void to fill, that you’re ready for change and you will start to attract back the same energy that you’re giving out.

woman clearing out jewellery drawer

© kylefromthenorth

Time for action!

If you’re ready for a wardrobe transformation but feel overwhelmed with the process or don’t know where to start, here’s a simple way for you to start with, by using the energy of this week’s full moon to release, let go and refresh your wardrobe.

First, you need to sit down and clearly and consciously set your intentions for your full moon wardrobe refresh. Include your intentions about the style you want to embody. Picture your future self, maybe six months or a year from now, when you have released the old and embodied a whole new evolved higher self. Picture this future you as clearly as you can, how does she look and sound? What does she say? Does she have any nuggets of wisdom for you now? What sort of colours, fabrics and styles is she wearing? What’s different about her? Think about how you’re going to feel when you wear these pieces and how you’re going to appear to the world. Be as detailed as possible as the universe IS listening. This is how energy works; the universe will fill the vacuum, but you need to set your intentions.

woman full moon journaling

© Content Pixie

Next, pick a small, bite-size part of your wardrobe – an underwear drawer or jewellery box are good options – and set aside 45 minutes to go through it piece by piece. As you pick up each item consciously pay attention to the memories, the emotions, and just let the feelings wash over you. Remember that this is a celebration and a joyful time, to recognise and acknowledge your growth and transformation. You’ll know pretty quickly what should go and what should stay. Focus on your feelings and memories around each item and whether it truly represents who you are today. If you feel yourself falling into the fear, and that scarcity mindset when you know a piece should go, try to relax into it, let it wash over you, and remind yourself that you are creating space for the new you.

As you go through each item you may find pieces that you have had for years and years, but which still completely fit with your style and will form a part of your new wardrobe. A wardrobe refresh doesn’t mean getting rid of everything, but rather consciously creating the space for new pieces as needed. As you come to the end of this part of your wardrobe, allow yourself to really celebrate and find joy in the process of transformation, and let yourself feel excited for the positive and fresh energy you’re allowing into your wardrobe.

Let me know how you go with your full moon wardrobe refresh – did you find it challenging or easy? Did you refresh nearly everything or only some things? How did you feel about celebrating the woman you have become and reliving your transformation journey through your clothes? I’d love to hear your experiences and challenges and share with our sisterhood as we all grow and transform together!

Big Love,


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