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Self Love Spell for Halloween

Here’s a self love spell for Halloween.

A spell is a fancy way to say “working with energy for a desired outcome.” You can alter the wording into alignment with your own faith or values.

Adding an element of ritual to any activity e.g. lighting a candle, taking a deep breath & exhale, writing or speaking an intention aloud, synchronises your spiritual and physical being into alignment to co-create together. It’s a practical way to imbue meaning and magic back into the everyday.

Here’s what you’ll need:
  • A candle
  • Any incense, fragrance or essential oil that speaks to you
  • A small piece of card or paper to write your spell
  • A tiny ribbon, cord or thread
  • Your choice of music

Light a candle. Add three drops of your chosen oil to the paper, or spray a favourite scent over it. As the scent settles, cup your hands over your heart and chant softly (in your head is ok, too).

The Spell

As I connect to the power within me, I bless this offering
A symbol of commitment and compassion to myself
Sacred and infused with my deepest most heartfelt desires
co-creating with my True Self
May this take form for the highest good of all

For my True Self
May I hold tenderness, kindness, and serenity in this moment,
and hold space for myself with respect
For who I have been and who I am becoming
For all the changes that I am navigating right now

I touch my heart and hold in it a space of safety, peace and acceptance
May I embrace ALL of who I am,
May I treat my body with the love and kindness it deserves
May I clothe and adorn my physical being in alignment and celebration of with my True Self
And with respect for our beautiful planet
My words are my spell. Love is my birthright. Bless it into being.

When you finish the ritual, extinguish the candle and slip the card or rolled up scroll under your pillow…. Exhale in acceptance. Let the soft scent carry you into your dreams.

The Next Morning

The next morning, poke a small hole in the card and string a ribbon through it or hang your spell scroll somewhere special, like in your wardrobe, by your mirror or by your laptop, welcoming self love into your everyday and every outfit.

If you can, give yourself permission to do a little relaxation ritual afterwards …a mid-day nap, some stretches or yoga, a walk in nature, listen to your favourite album or meditate. Let your spell percolate.

Big love,

Leesa x

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