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Tips for Speed Shopping

The joy of shopping with kids 😉

Ah I remember the days when I could shop at leisure, alone. I used to do this thing called ‘browsing’. It was lovely.

Now shopping for myself has more of a ‘smash n’ grab’ opportunistic vibe that I’m sure any parent can relate to. Okay, I’ve got 45 minutes before the next ‘thing’. Quick!  Lets dive into that shop!

Tops tips for speedy shopping:
  • Know your style – mine’s drilled down to a 4 word mantra so I’m laser focused in store
  • Know your colours – when you do, you can scan a shop in seconds and eliminate 90% straight away
  • Know your body & proportions – that way you know at a glance what shapes, fabrics and prints will & wont work for you.
  • AND if you’re trying stuff on, always grab a wild card item! Something that fits your colour & body criteria, but that you wouldn’t normally wear.

This last tip is key to evolving your look and avoiding the style rut. If you’re trying stuff on in a shop or ordering clothes online anyway, you might as well add in one item that’s outside your comfort zone. You’ll see yourself differently, learn something new and you might be surprised by a whole new look! If nothing else, it’ll give your kids a good laugh 😉

This was me trying something totally different to what I’d normally wear – a statement collar shirt, because I was trying on some sensible black trews. Also a way-more-fitted-than-I’d normally-wear-dress, because I loved the mismatched print and it was on SALE.

Neither was a keeper, but it was still a worthwhile and fun exercise. I was reminded WHY I don’t like fitted dresses, realised I really DO want some fun printed maxi dresses and opened my mind to statement shirts, just not this one AND I did get some great black trousers 🙂

I also realised afterwards that I had a furry caterpillar onboard for this shop! A stowaway from the morning’s den building in the forest, who made a surprise appearance when we sat down for dinner. Kids, caterpillars, anyone else wanna come shopping??

#mumlife #mamastyle #Smashngrab #Mumimhungry #hungrycaterpillar

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