Style EMPOWERMENT for Times of Change

A FREE 5-day workshop for heart-centred women ready to reclaim their style and rise.

13th-17th September

9.30am UK BST

Style Empowerment for Times of Change

A FREE 5-day workshop for heart-centred women ready to reclaim their style change and rise.

13th - 17th September

9.30-10.00am UK BST

Stop teetering on the precipice of change and step into the NEW YOU.


I see women every day experience loss and grief over “who they used to be,” yet they are simultaneously lusting over what they want their new life to look like.


They don’t know what colours and designs suit their new body, their new lifestyle, the new them.


They criticize themselves for not showing up the way they desire and trap themselves in a loop of disappointment, a place where confidence hides.


You might think it’s superficial to be worrying about your style in times like this...


But, True Style (the kind that comes from deep within) is a tangible and deeply powerful way to stay connected to your true self and embrace the woman you want to emerge as in this new era of change.


True Style is not merely about clothes;

It’s about embodying the woman you are becoming with conviction and deep self-belief.

You have a choice at every point of transition in your life.


What will you bring with you, and what will you leave behind?

This experience is for you if…

  • You’ve recently gone through a significant change, and your style has yet to catch up.
  • You struggle to feel confident and tend to um and ah over decisions.
  • You feel lost when trying to put together a look that represents who you are.
  • You desire to connect to your deeper self and illuminate your next phase.

If you feel seen reading these words, there is a place for you in this free workshop…

Here’s what you can look forward to…

Day 1

Losing Yourself

We explore how we as women lose our sense of self and style and how to harness the potential of this natural process to start a fresh new chapter empowered.

Day 2


Style runs deep. It’s not about how “stylish” we dress but about how aligned our style is with our true self. Your style is a unique and powerful catalyst for change. Learn how style works and how to connect to your authentic style.

Day 3


Gain confidence with colour. The colours we wear have a huge impact on how we look and feel. Learn how colour works and how to make it work for you.

Day 4


Your body is amazing just the way it is. Learn how to see yourself through kind eyes and rock what you've got by choosing the best fabrics and shapes for you.

Day 5

Wardrobe Wisdom

It’s time to usher in the new you. So let’s create space to welcome her. Cleanse your wardrobe and your heart for the next version of YOU!

This is so much more than a style workshop.

It’s about connecting to the True You and learning the formula of style confidence to guide you through each phase of your life empowered.

This is your path back home.

Hi, I'm Leesa

Over my 20 year career as a style coach, I’ve consulted, shopped and styled in New York, Paris, Milan, Copenhagen, Dublin, Madrid and London.

I've been interviewed by the BBC and reviewed by fashion writers I admire at publications including The Times and Harpers Bazaar.

I’ve presented large corporate seminars and intimate group workshops, and trained other experienced image consultants how to style ‘like a pro’.

I've consulted in all kinds of places, from the offices of Vogue to the homes of hundreds of men and women brave enough to let me into their wardrobes, and their lives.

Join me for this FREE Style Empowerment Workshop!

13th - 17th September

9.30-10.00am UK BST

Create the change you desire, start showing up as the True You,

and let your style radiate from the inside out!

Thank You, we'll be in touch soon.

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